Radiant Heaters

Radiant heating is the perfect way to heat cold open areas, or areas with high ventilation rates, such as warehouses and factories. They are also ideal for providing ‘spot’ heating, where an area requires heating in the middle of an unheated area, which warm air heating cannot achieve.

Radiant heat has the same qualities as the sun’s heat or a bonfire.  Stand in the sun, or in front of a bonfire and the heating effect is experienced instantly, when the sun goes behind a cloud or bonfire is shielded by another body the heating effect is lost. The heat is transfered directly from the heat source, the radiant tube to the receiving mass or body. Therefore as long as there are no obstructions between the heater and the personnel, they feel warm. The heater is generally sited directly above the area requiring heat, so long as nothing obstructs the space between the heater and the ground, any one standing within this area will feel the benefit of the heaters output. The mounting height of the heater determines the heater ‘footprint’ i.e. the area of floor space covered by the heater.

Radiant heaters do not heat the air but directly heat the body’s mass, this makes them ideally suited to applications such as operations where shutter doors are constantly being opened to allow the egress and ingress of goods. For larger areas multiple heater installations are required.

Radiant heating requires a much shorter pre heat time, because it’s heating effect is almost immediate, this helps to reduce gas consumption and running costs. Conventional systems use convected heat and have to heat up the air in the heated space before any benefits are noticed.

Radiant  has a further advaantage in that it takes up no valuable floor space.

Fred Margarson Ltd. have engineers that  install, service and repair these units on a regular basis. We regularly work with appliances manufactured by Ambirad, Powrmatic, Schwank and many more.